Fabric draping class offered by the Event Decorating Academy

Wedding Fabric Drapping

Fabric draping is a fascinating way to add drama and elegance to any venue. Learn to assemble small-scale fabric elements such as rays, stars, swags, flags, and drapes, as well as dazzling large-scale focal points like cascading waterfalls, chandeliers, fabric walls, multi-layer backdrops and more. Our signature fabric draping techniques are spectacular, yet cost-effective decorating methods, which have earned our business great reviews.

This exciting course surpasses any lesson given in a convention, as we are the only school in the nation that offers a complete hands-on instruction of how to create enchanting multi-layer designs and amazing backdrops

Fabric Draping 101

Backdrops add elegance and style to a room or a featured area, and can be used to capture a variety of moods. Whether you desire a light and airy feel for a romantic wedding, a fun and flirty vibe for a prom, or classic formal design, understanding the atmospheric distinctions between various fabric materials and the application of color is imperative in dictating the overall ambiance of the space.

In this beginner fabric-draping course, learn the fundamental skills and concepts to create several different styles of backdrops, fabric arches, chandeliers and table draping that will accent and give your event celebration that unique “WOW” factor your clients crave.

Fabric Draping 102

Advance your skills from fabric draping 101 and transform your client’s event into a breathtaking magical paradise pulling them through a dreamlike entrance into an enchanted ceiling canopy that will keep guests endlessly captivated.

In this class learn how to construct an alluring threshold that bridges reality and fantasy with various gazebo, chuppa, fabric canopy and ceiling drapery designs. From there you will learn how to personalize and accessorize with additional embellishments to create the most unique and stunning themes your clients could imagine. By adding simple flower arrangements or even balloons to your décor, you will increase the possibility of becoming a one-of-a-kind fabric expert in your area. What does this mean for you? Start to build a credible professional reputation and improve the ability to sell your designs for a greater profit.

**This course belongs exclusively to the EDA, and as the originators the context of this class has been copyrighted. Any other person attempting to promote teaching this class has no permission by the EDA and is violating copyright laws.

We are well-trained professionals who realize that knowledge leads to success; we strive to bring the newest and most beautiful pieces to our students.

As in every other business, we too have people trying to cash in using our products. Please be advised that we do not sell any of our manuals including fabric-draping and our students are not allowed to copy or distribute them. If you come across this please let us know. Anyone caught will be prosecuted and charged with copyright infringements.

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